Monday, March 25, 2013

Okay, here's a little update

Lately we have been doing a little spring cleaning at home. Moving stuff around so things are more neat around our house.

My husband got a man-cave down in the basement after we cleared all our boxes, and I'll tell ya, we got rid of a LOT of stuff. We had some paper that were over ten years old. Yeah I know I am only 29, my husband and I have been together for 13 ½ years ;)

We also went through our clothes, I had a few items I just can't fit anymore, in a good way ;) Been loosing a bit of weight so need to make room for smaller clothes. Yaii me ;)

My son has even been helping around a little.. We have been going through all of his toys and, he kept most of them, but the "baby" items all got tossed in a bag and up in the attic.

As you can tell I've been busy, but still had time for being crafty. Not as much as I would have liked, but hey I am happy with what I've got ;)

I made one more thing for my creative pay it forward 2013

This is what I made, sadly I forgot to take pictures of it all before I gave it away..

This is just a wrap around bracelet with a bronze flower button ;)

These I saw on Pinterest, there's not a tutorial for them, I made them a little different from the original one, but kept the same colors. Red and bronze 

Had a competision with a friend, who could make the longest pair of wearable earrings. She won. We had to test them out, I got really irritated of mine LOL They got cough in everything, I am not one for long earrings, these are getting in my UFO box and perhaps a new idea will rise sometime. 

Ehm.. it really does look prettier on I most say, I'll take a new picture one day. 

Just a little simple one.

"Too girly girl" was my husbands first thought, and to be honest mine also, but it looks better on me ;)

Blue, I love blue!

Here's a bracelet with a lot of different things in it. I have been knotting a little here and there. There's some wooden decoupage beads, not made by me. Some hand carved bone beads again not by me, and then there's some nylon thread and all on leather cord. It has quickly become a favorite piece. 

A little something something. 

This turned out blurry, but still hope you're able to see it. It is tied together with a cotton thread. 

A little gray. 

Well this is it for now, :) Until next time.

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