Monday, November 12, 2012

A little new..

So I've had this blog almost a year. I am not as active as I want to, but I am glad with what I've done so far.

Lately I've been preparing for Christmas. I've made a little Christmas folder to take with me when I go shopping ;) I've printed a few things from this:  Genius website It is so clever, I've seen a few Christmas planners out there, I think I am making one next year, but this year I only have the printouts. It is so helpful, every year I've thought I could remember it all, but as soon as I step in side a store everything/wish goes out "the window" But not this year ;)

I've also been making Christmas cards, and I am almost done, there's a lot this year. ;) I will post pictures once I am all done, so far it is just a big pile of mess. I am trying to get more organized.

This year my son get's a visit from an Elf, one of Santa's helpers you know ;) I am so looking forward to that, I love everything about Christmas, and this year I have a plan to do some of the things I always says I am going to do.

Besides from all this, I have been making a little here and there ;)

These two necklaces are for a very close friends mother. She wanted a light necklace, the first one is made with nuts on a cotton cord, I knotted in between each bead/nut. She also wanted a few pendants she could snap on and of.

This one is also for her, wood beads, with little silver in between on wire with a toggle clasp. Also with a snap op pendant.

Remember my hexagon weave bracelet? Well here's two more in new colors. Black and red

And here ind Black, blue and green

Here's a party bracelet. I can not remember where I saw this little star pattern I put together for this bracelet. If you see it let me know so I can credit the designer ;) Here is a link for a tutorial for arabic motifs cuff

This hugs and kisses bracelet I made trying to make a ring (like the green one), but then decided to make it in to a bracelet in stead.

 And finally here's a knotted bracelet made from the beads I had left from the necklaces in the beginning of these pictures. ;D

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