Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wire bending

Well, to be truthful I have a secret passion for wirework, but not the talent. I try a little basic (VERY basic) once in a while, but I do not have the patience for wire work. Once bend, I can't seem to get it just right. I did practice a little today, here's what I made..

Some silver ear wire

 Gold plated brass earrings. NOT easy making these spirals, they irritate me. LOL But these I could live with, not the best, but fine for me to wear ;)

 Copper ear wires and copper "chandelier"

Other than these I also made two pair of cluster earrings

I should have photographed them hanging, but where's my holder at? Can't find it, but believe me, they look great on too ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pendants and a kitty

Hi :)

Been going through a rough patch, still going, but finally had some time to be creative. I've been beading and sewing a little. Pinterest is filled with ideas, if you don't know the site already, go check it out. ;)

So here's some pendants I've made from picture tutorials around the web

This one was made from this site herringbone donut I didn't make it as big as the pattern, and I changed the edges a little.

(Please don't mind the dog hair on the pendant, it will be removed) I also changed this one a little. Here's the pattern called Arcana

This last green one is my favorite ;) Also a small change but not a lot. Here's the pattern called Okno