Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hi all

It's been a while, it's not that I am not beading, just an awful lot to do and not enough time.

Well summers here! ;)

Been playing around with a couple of stitches lately, I've learned to make a beaded bead (it has taken me a while) and learned a whole new stitch.

So here's a few things I've made since the last time I shared with you

This one is a herringbone/peyote pendant. Made with two triangles I sew together. I plan to put it on a plain silver necklace.
 This bracelet is made with farfalle/peanut beads I love how it looks, one of my favorites so far. It is made with R.A.W. stitch and embellished with montees ;D

This is a braided bracelet.

Not sure I've shown you this, it has a C.R.A.W. base and embellished. I've made a tutorial for you guys a while back. ;) 

So I've played around with St. Petersburg stitch. I love this stitch. 

These earrings are leaves made with St. Petersburg stitch
 This bracelet has almost fabric like feel to it, I love it. I started by making a double St. Petersburg stitch, but I wanted it to be wider, so I added one row of the stitch on the side with a light amethyst colored bead, all size 15.

Double V neck St. Petersburg necklace, the tut you can find at Aunties

The stitch I learned is Pondo stitch, I have falling in love with this stitch it is so much fun. I want to play some more with it. I love the blue beads I've used here, bug of cause I ran out, need to find them somewhere again. All I know is that they are TOHO beads (I've had them forever)

Also made a bracelet with this stitch I am not too pleased with the colors, but I think it is just because it is not "my" colors. But I couldn't cheat you, so here it is

I have a couple of half finished items I need to finish them SOON!