Monday, March 19, 2012

Made a little

Well our dog Alba is just fantastic, we have had her for 9 days, and tomorrow she'll be 10 weeks old. She is adorable..

She is a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Well at the bead club on FB this months challenge is Shamballa and herringbone. I've found a great herringbone tutorial at Ruby's beading site,  here is her AMAZING bangle it is so easy and works up rather quickly. 

These I made from that tut

I love herringbone and I've only made tubular so far, so I wanted to try a flat herringbone.. I am not sure I like this piece, but at least I finally made a flat one ;) (they are taken with my phone I was flat out of battery on my digital camera)

This is it for today :)

Oh I almost forgot.. 

I made these a little while back 

The peacocks can be found at beadsmagic

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