Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring is coming..

Been working with warmer colors lately, I need spring LOL

So here is some of my latest:

Spring earrings, made with 11's, acrylic flowers and 3mm bicones

This is a hollow spiral bracelet.. (gosh it drove me nuts) But I am loving the results, it's a bit to long, but maybe when my temper cools down again I'll redo it. 

Still playing around with the last of my twin beads. The little heart pattern I found here: they er super easy, i just made a little square/diamond shaped link and added it to the heart.

I also made a triangle weave ring, I am also making a bracelet, but ran out of beads. 

I've always wanted to make a spiral rope and I found i really easy to do so I made a necklace with this technique 

I hope that I'll have some more time for beading the next few weeks. In three weeks our dog is 8 weeks old and we can take her home with us, ohh we are all so excited. Here's a link to some pictures of those beautiful puppies 

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