Thursday, January 26, 2012

Been kinda busy here

Sooo many things to do so little time. Been planing this year. We are getting a dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Our little dog Alba (a girl) was born on January 10th, so only 6 weeks until we can pick her up. 

Anyway to day I finally got a piece finnished. Preciosa beads have been handing out some of their newest beads for FREE! Find it on Facebook search for: " Preciosa Ornela - twins free" and sign up and get your code and the order a small patch for your self. I signed up for one, and this is what I made, with some of them (sorry for the many pics, I just couldn't deside which picture I liked the best

The two pictures of the ring looks different i sun light, the first one i sun light and the other is taken on a cloudy day. What a difference huh? Either way I looooove this set. It's keeper.

I made another bracelet today, for a contest actually.. The theme is vintage, and I thought of the war and how people had to be creative and make beautiful things of what they had. I took a piece of lace, and I did a "wrap" with som south sea beads. Finished with a gold button. 

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