Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another December - had this blog for almost a year

Hi there

Can you believe it's December all ready? I've been planning for a loooong time for this Christmas. Making Christmas cards, shopping, planning our mischievous elf visit and all sorts of fun things, but the days seem to go by so fast, I haven't even send out my Christmas cards yet. And you know this week and weekend are all filled up with things to do and after that it is very close to Christmas. But we'll make it all, I am sure. ;D

Anyway I updated my entry with the beading process take a look here. I apologize for not writing more, but you all know how it is.

I've made a few beading things, but not a lot it has been more Christmas crafts and Elf stuff ;) I'll post stories about him soon, perhaps you'll get some ideas :)

Are you familiar with the gossiping goddess bracelets? They are so much fun and super easy, here is the one I've made, I will make more at a later time. 

Here's the tutorial for the gossiping goddess bracelet

And that's it folks, for now.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beading process

Today I am going to share my beading process with you guys..

I talked to a friend a few days ago and both she and I came to realize we have really different ways of thinking LOL Well when it comes to our creative process that is. 

I use a lot of time on "research" with that I mean, I have a BOARD on pinterest for jewelry, I usually use it for inspiration, color, stitch or something totally different or if I want to bead and just don't know what to bead, a bead fix I call it ;) 

In this particular process I am going to share with you, I will work from a theme. 

I am in a bead swap group here in Denmark, and we are swapping beads and we have to make something from them according to a theme. 

Today's theme is WINTER! 

First I looked through my board, (feel free to follow me in pinterest BTW)

Okay I gathered all the beads I had I felt was perfect for the theme. Let the inspiration flow...

The swapped beads are in the brown square lit. ;) And sorry the mess LOL I work really good like this when I am brainstorming

And now it is time for some doodling on my paper

When I doodle I do not think about how can I do this, or do I know how to do this stitch, I just doodle. ;) Many of these ideas will change a lot, some way turn out totally different later, I'll show you..

The top drawing the the teardrop, I wanted to make a spiral rope with twin beads, but as I made the spiral I realized I would not have enough beads for a necklace, plus it was WAY to thick for that kind of necklace, so it became a bracelet instead. I am really happy with it. It was only my second time making a spiral rope. When I came across the tutorial I knew I wanted to try it ;) spiral rope with twin beads

The next one I wanted to give ago was another necklace. The one with the side drilled triangle bead ;) When I started this piece, I wanted to make this particular necklace, and it was so much fun, But when I needed to attach the triangle bead, my pendant, I didn't think it went very well with the rest, so my necklace became a bracelet. 

I haven't had time for the rest of the ideas, yet, but check back and I will keep this updated. Please also if you'd like to share your process with me feel free to write to me ;) 

The plans I had for the coin bead changed a few times during the process, then I found a Russian tutorial, and I had to do it, A few changes though more rounds of peyote and fewer beads to go around, other than that it is pretty much the same as in the tutorial. I am still not finished with it, need to make a chain or something, not sure I have the right idea just yet. Here it is:



The tutorial I used you can find here: pendant

Also I made some earrings also in the winter theme, darker more frozen winter though, but they turned out really well, the picture did not, bear with me.

Here's a little more

The earrings I drew with the freshwater pearls, I finally made them.

And the chain idea to my pendant, well it became a simple necklace on it's own

Monday, November 12, 2012

A little new..

So I've had this blog almost a year. I am not as active as I want to, but I am glad with what I've done so far.

Lately I've been preparing for Christmas. I've made a little Christmas folder to take with me when I go shopping ;) I've printed a few things from this:  Genius website It is so clever, I've seen a few Christmas planners out there, I think I am making one next year, but this year I only have the printouts. It is so helpful, every year I've thought I could remember it all, but as soon as I step in side a store everything/wish goes out "the window" But not this year ;)

I've also been making Christmas cards, and I am almost done, there's a lot this year. ;) I will post pictures once I am all done, so far it is just a big pile of mess. I am trying to get more organized.

This year my son get's a visit from an Elf, one of Santa's helpers you know ;) I am so looking forward to that, I love everything about Christmas, and this year I have a plan to do some of the things I always says I am going to do.

Besides from all this, I have been making a little here and there ;)

These two necklaces are for a very close friends mother. She wanted a light necklace, the first one is made with nuts on a cotton cord, I knotted in between each bead/nut. She also wanted a few pendants she could snap on and of.

This one is also for her, wood beads, with little silver in between on wire with a toggle clasp. Also with a snap op pendant.

Remember my hexagon weave bracelet? Well here's two more in new colors. Black and red

And here ind Black, blue and green

Here's a party bracelet. I can not remember where I saw this little star pattern I put together for this bracelet. If you see it let me know so I can credit the designer ;) Here is a link for a tutorial for arabic motifs cuff

This hugs and kisses bracelet I made trying to make a ring (like the green one), but then decided to make it in to a bracelet in stead.

 And finally here's a knotted bracelet made from the beads I had left from the necklaces in the beginning of these pictures. ;D

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wire bending

Well, to be truthful I have a secret passion for wirework, but not the talent. I try a little basic (VERY basic) once in a while, but I do not have the patience for wire work. Once bend, I can't seem to get it just right. I did practice a little today, here's what I made..

Some silver ear wire

 Gold plated brass earrings. NOT easy making these spirals, they irritate me. LOL But these I could live with, not the best, but fine for me to wear ;)

 Copper ear wires and copper "chandelier"

Other than these I also made two pair of cluster earrings

I should have photographed them hanging, but where's my holder at? Can't find it, but believe me, they look great on too ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pendants and a kitty

Hi :)

Been going through a rough patch, still going, but finally had some time to be creative. I've been beading and sewing a little. Pinterest is filled with ideas, if you don't know the site already, go check it out. ;)

So here's some pendants I've made from picture tutorials around the web

This one was made from this site herringbone donut I didn't make it as big as the pattern, and I changed the edges a little.

(Please don't mind the dog hair on the pendant, it will be removed) I also changed this one a little. Here's the pattern called Arcana

This last green one is my favorite ;) Also a small change but not a lot. Here's the pattern called Okno

Monday, September 10, 2012

Newest pieces

So here are my new pieces.

I wanted to try an learn how to crochet, so here's my very first crochet piece

This next piece is braided with five strands. It can be a double bracelet or at child's headband. ;) 

An a little more

This one is made from a tutorial from ruby's, I love her site. Go ahead a take a peak there, you'll find a lot of tutorials and inspiration. Ruby's beadwork

Not really a lot of new things. Haven't really been beading much. Not that I don't want to, I just don't have time. And the time I do have I spend working on a crochet thingy I am trying to make work. Beading is easier for my, but I like a challenge. Besides crocheting is easier to put down and away when I need to go some where or if my son needs me, beading is not. But I'll grab that needle again, soon enough. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

I am too lazy

Well I am LOL

I decided to create this blog only about beading, but really there's so much more to me than that, so time to make this blog more personal. ;)

This spring I announced we were waiting for our cute and adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She a girl (bitch) named Alba, she is still fantastic and she has brightened all out days. If that wasn't enough another family had a two year old dog, they couldn't keep, also a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, from the same breeder as Alba. We took him in, and he is fantastic. Not very trained, but he has a great personality, loving and super sweet. Sometimes when I am beading or sitting at the computer, he will out his head on my arm or chest, he want's a hug, when he does that. Yeah a hug,  I have never met a dog who actually wanted hugs, but he loves it. His name is Kalle by the way.

Here they are playing catch in out garden.

What else has been taking my time, well summer. Three whole weeks with my husband at home. We have been together since I was 16, so 13 years this October and he has never had vacation for three continues weeks before. That was sooo nice. 

The first week: Just at home making small improvements to the house and garden, you know those little things that takes 10 minutes, but it takes weeks before you get it done? Know that huh?

The second week we rented a car (yes, we don't have a car, by choice) we went to Germany for the first time (some things like Pepsi, candy, dog food and such is cheaper there) We also vent to something called Egeskov castle, amazing experience, even out son was blown away. 

They had a rather impressive collection of old cars, planes and well close to everything, my husband Mikael really like it, Milan my son too, I was in a hurry to get going LOL 

This is one view of the castle, isn't it breathtaking?

 Yet another view, and with Mikael and Milan in the picture too. We were also in side the castle, but my camera couldn't really take any great pictures ind there, hard to capture the gold, and all the different kinds of fabrics, painting and tons of chandeliers. Just like a fairy tale.

Since then Milan have started school. So much info, things to remember and it took us a while to get it all in to a new routine. Thankfully I don't work so we could take our time.

Soon it will me my sons birthday, he will turn 6 and yet again I am thinking, were on earth did the time go, how did my baby get so big. 5 years ago he took his first steps and now he is reading his first words. I can not understand it. ;) Maybe I am not suppose to. It still bugles my mind. But I am so lucky to be alive to see him grow older. 

I nearly died two times before he was 4 months old and I have been away a lot because I was sick, and all that caused my P.T.S.D. to flare up. But I am slowly getting better. But I am so still not great with stress and changes, but I am getting better. The hardest thing for me is other people, sounds odd yeah, but I get stressed out easily so sometimes I need to shot some people out of my life to keep my self sane. ;) 
That's okay, why waste time on someone who does nothing good for you anyway? ;) 

Oh I almost forgot. Pinterest...! Yeah it has gotten to me, bad! I am pinning almost everyday. I keep finding neat projects, ideas and such so you'll probably see more things from me, other than beading that is ;) 

We have a lot of pine cones dropping in our garden I am looking for different ideas for this Christmas I have to use them all!! LOL This is all I got this year, usually I get a lot more, but this will do.

Well this is it for me this time.. I'll upload the latest jewelry one of these days ;) 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi there

Well summer is here, well not really, mostly raining here, but I have been beading a little ;) a lot really.

I've posted to new tutorials for you, the pondo stitch and hexagon weave.

Here's a little of the new

This pattern is found for free on 

From beaded allure, by Kelly Weise

These can also be found on ;) I tweaked it slightly to make it fit my vision.